Safety Tips for Women

    Safety Tips for Women - He Said She Said

    Calling out all ladies out there! You should be extra careful when you go around town on your own, especially at night. Here are some safety tips for you to observe so that you will be able to protect yourself from any harm.

    1. Do not use your cell phone if you are walking by yourself. Chatting can distract you. It is better to be aware of your surroundings. You should instead hold on to your cell phone and be ready to make an emergency call if anything happens. Preset one of the buttons on your phone to call the emergency number.
    2. Look underneath your car before approaching it in a parking garage or lot at night. Additionally, if you return to your car and see that a van is parked right next to the driver’s side, enter through the passenger side. Predators often use vans and will disguise it as a family car, even using “Baby on Board” decals.
    3. If you find that you have a flat tire when you return to your car, go back to where you came from and immediately call for help. Once assistance arrives, approach your car. Politely turn down any offers for assistance.
    4. When leaving the mall late at night, ask a security guard to talk walk you to your car. Do not go up to just any security guard. Go directly to the guard house and ask them to assign an officer to escort you. Predators sometimes dress up like men of the law.
    5. If you are checking into a hotel room and the person at the front desk says your room number out loud, ask them to give you a new room and write the number on a piece of paper.
    6. Before entering the hotel room, make sure no one is lingering in the hallway. Upon entering your hotel room, look at your door immediately.
    7. If you call for room service, and you get a knock on the door, do not immediately open it. Ask who it is. Make the person on the other side of the door tell you who they are before you open it.
    8. When traveling, do not walk with a map in your hand. This is an indication that you are a tourist and therefore an easy target for predators.
    9. When asking for directions and someone offers to show you the way by having you follow them, do not go. Just ask them to point you in the right direction.
    10. Always pour your own drink at a party and bring it with you everywhere… even to the bathroom. This will make it a lot harder for someone to drug you.
    11. Watch the bartender as he pours your drink. To be extra safe, drink wine instead of a cocktail. Mixed drinks take longer to make. You could easily be distracted and miss the bartender (who could be working with the predator) or someone else slipping something into your drink.
    12. When going out with your girlfriends, decide beforehand that you will stick together. Do not let your friend go off alone with a guy.
    13. Don’t put your name on your apartment buzzer. If you are expecting guests, just let them know which number to push. This way, only people who know you know exactly where you live.
    14. If someone is chasing you, run away in a zig-zag pattern. This will exhaust your attacker.
    15. Don’t check into Facebook when you arrive somewhere. Instead, check in as you leave. This way no one will be able to digitally stalk you and know your every move or when you are not home. Along the same lines, avoid tweeting or Facebooking from vacation, especially if your account is public as it is a way of letting the world know that your home is unoccupied.

    Always be on the alert ladies when you go out on your own. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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