Someone is proud of having a wife…

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Someone is proud of having a wife with full of potential and ability in life.

I hope that someone is my HUSBAND!

He keeps on degrading me!
He keeps on blaming me!
He keeps on pushing me down whenever he knew that it’s my mistake!
He keeps on yelling like wtf he knows I’m not able to act out ‘coz I’m pregnant with our second baby.
He keeps on telling me that I have someone else.
He is always drunk, to the extent that he is blaming and keeps on asking “Why I am like that? Why did he marry me? Why have I entered his life? Why did I push him to marry me?”

Well, I am just an ordinary girl. With a degree, a trying hard online seller, a trying hard cook, a trying hard nanny to my lil Caleb. Maybe I am a darn TRYING HARD ONE! ‘coz you know what I want a family, a whole family. A happy family. A perfect family if there is. But why?

It’s like I’m in hell. Knowing my husband is not proud of having me. It’s like a curse.
I may not be enough.

I just think about my first baby and of course my second baby, what if I am weak? Whom will they gain their strength to? What if I’m gone? How will they grow?

But sorry….


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