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Are we fading lovers? We keep wasting colors. Maybe we should let this go.

“Hey, look at me.” He begged.

She had her back turned against him and her arms crossed while sitting at the single sofa beside his. She temporarily swore that she will never set her eyes on him at that moment. She hated the joke; she hated the concept of setting his attention on other girls, he knew but he still joked about it to her hoping that she’ll laugh it away but he did not expected her reaction. 

He stood up from the couch, “Hey, look at me please.”

“No, that was the last time that I have set my eyes on you.” 

“Is that so?”

She nodded, “yes!”

“Are you challenging me? Well, I’m going if you won’t face me.” 

“Yes, I challenge you to go.” 

“Okay. I’m going..” disappointment and hesitation were palpable on his voice. 

His heavy steps were ringing on her ears that gave her the urge to face him but her pride stopped her from doing so until she heard the door creaked open and the fading footsteps. He was gone, just like that. And at that very moment, she instantly turned her back to see if he really was gone and she did not want to believe by the fact that he bore the thought of leaving her, that easy. She panicked and was mad at herself and him for leaving her alone in that room. She despised the thought of being alone and being left alone. She sulked on the couch, pouted her lips and crossed her arms rightly. She was scared of the idea that he really did left her alone and that he can handle the concept of her being alone. 

As ten minutes passed, she was still sulking on the sofa still clanging on the thought that he’d come back and he would never leave her alone but she was losing hope and sadness was about to envelop her, she heard the door creaked open; her eyes—as fast as speed of light—flew to the door and saw his eyes on her. Joy filled her heart as she stood up and ran into his arms. He handed her a box of Pepero; hugged her and sniffed her scent, he missed her scent even though they were ten minutes away. She felt loved and sorry for triggering him to leave. 

We’re falling apart, still we hold together

We’ve passed the end, so we chase forever.

“I’m really sorry. And I thought you really did leave me.” Regret was tangible on her voice.

“How could I ever leave you? I can’t bear to do that.” His voice was soothing that assured her that he’d never leave her.

But he was wrong. She was now staring at a frozen memory of pixels on her phone of them, hugging; the box of Pepero was in her hands. Her tear ducts malfunctioned, heavy rain from her cloudy eyes were streaming down on her face as she smiled visiting back at the memory lane. She should never have been comfortable with his words. She wished to turn back time where she can correct all her mistakes and fill in all her lapses to him; she blamed herself for not holding him strong that she let him slip away from her grip. She hated the fact of not having a choice to do anything but watching him fade away from her. She never has believed in him. He should have been stronger too, she was irritated by the fact that he got weak but what’s more irritating that as he got weak she got weak too, she was supposed to be strong. But unfortunately, their grip became weak and decided to let go of their string just for each other’s personal growth. He clung on the thought of, “if we’re meant to be, we will be together”. And she did not, she wanted to hold on tight but she can’t anymore since he loosened his grip on her and let her fall miserably in the lake of sadness as he was trapped in the clouds of grief. They both were on the opposite ends but at least they have one common thing: a memory that was buried in their hearts. 

‘Cause this is all we know.

This feeling’s all we know. 


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