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My life is happier until you came.

When I first saw you, I told myself that you were the one I want to spend my life with.

We had our first talk. You have told me that you like me because I’m pretty.

My heart was changed into a soft and fluffy feeling real quick, that I never thought I would feel the same way again.

You said you loved me, I believed that.

All the words you’ve said were true, I felt that.

I thought that the feeling is mutual, but it isn’t. I believed in all your promises. That you won’t hurt my feelings like my ex’s did to me before. But you still did.

You hurt me not physically but emotionally. You hurt me not by your actions but through your words. It hurt. It still matters.

You said that being a couple isn’t a thing, because you love me and I love you that’s the important thing.

You changed my whole life. I always ended up choosing you, despite of our fights, anger, even our own flaws. I still want you to be with me until we get old. Until we’ve reached the whole universe. Until you get tired of everything, I will still love to chase you.

Even though we have a lot of differences, I will promise you that I wouldn’t change. I will promise that my love for you would always be there no matter what. Not just TEMPORARY but EVERLASTING.

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