The One Way to Become Fearless

The One Way to Become Fearless | Photo by Mary Taylor

HSSS | The One Way to Become Fearless | Everyone has at least one kind of fear they need to deal with. A vast majority of individuals are even affected by phobia– the intense paranoia that results from this dread. Irrational apprehensions and fears are the norm rather than the exception. But whatever it is that’s making you terrified, there is a good chance that this does not warrant absolute dread.

We each experience fear in our own unique ways. While you could be excessively worried about something, there will always be some individuals who have zero concern about it. Perhaps you’ve always been too scared to go swimming. But if you notice your surroundings, you’ll see that there are already people who are breaking records as swimmers. Maybe you fear committing to a relationship.  Despite this, many people make commitments all the time and experience great happiness as a result.

Having this kind of mindset every time fear arises will be very useful to you. People around you can serve as a source of inspiration and motivation, or at the very least, help you believe that what you want to do but fear doing is achievable.

So, how can you get beyond your fears? Taking action is the most effective strategy. Most people who remain afraid are such because they can’t or won’t face their fears and find solutions. They just can’t seem to believe that they have the power to do anything about it.

If you have a fear of swimming, rather than avoiding the activity, you should work to get an understanding of it. Follow as many swimming events as you can on the sports channel. Appreciate the elegance with which the swimmers move. What really is holding you back? Analyze your fear. Learn how to swim by reading certain books. Observe that the methods are not nearly as challenging as you may expect. 

The most vital step, though, is to actually do something. As soon as you can, muster your guts and get in the water.  Don’t do it alone; bring a companion. The very fact that you went up to the swimming pool means that you have the motivation to swim.  When you do learn to let go, you will find that the fear is only experienced at the outset. It will gradually go away when you take your first tentative strokes in the water. Focus on every task at hand and ignore the obstacles. When you keep your concentration on what is important, you can overcome all your apprehensions.

So start acting now and keep at it. It’s okay to feel unsettled. That’s how it is to move out of your comfort zone and face life more broadly. See where your action will take you and be amazed at how you can conquer your fears one by one.


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