I Withstood That Night

I Withstood That Night

I Withstood That Night | by Raymar Enulpe Languban | I was in the middle of the night standing near the window and gazed at the darkness around me. Staring at it made me realize the life of being hopeless, the life of a person that was being consumed by desolations.

A person who losses all the glimpse of hope could be the subject of ending his life. And somehow, that person reflects me.

I survived that night where I almost took my own life. And I should thank the glimpse of light that was brought by the star. A star that made me realize that even in the darkest phase of life there would be somehow a light or a beam of light perceiving the night.

I wasn’t hopeless at all I was just looking for at least, a glimpse of light. And i thank The Man Up Above for reminding me of His great love that even in a hopeless situation we are rest assured that He is with us.

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