What Are The Benefits of Phonics for Child Development?


HeSaidSheSaidPH.comIf you are a parent, then keeping track of all the moments when your child said or read their first word is something that you like to do. As you already know, reading is one of the skills that a child should be taught at a young age, but not only that, it is also important that your child pronounces the words in the right way. Reading is something that should be taught in a structured and systematic way in order for your child to learn how to correctly read and how to correctly pronounce words. If you are from an English-speaking country, then you know that the fact that some words are not pronounced in the same way as they are written is quite common, and this is what makes this language a bit more challenging. In order to help your child, you can pay attention to their phonics and practice any time you can.

What is phonics?

Take this as an example: the English language has 26 letters, but it has 44 different sounds that your child has to learn. Teaching phonics is actually teaching your child to pronounce and recognize different sounds, and not letters. This is something that needs a very structured approach, as children are taught how to recognize the sounds that each letter makes, the sounds a pair of different letters make together, the sounds that different vowels make and to blend those sounds together from left to right in order to make a word. Basically, it can be said that this is one form of being a detective.

They can help in reading

Even though your child will need to learn how to pronounce different sounds, the biggest benefit of teaching them is because your child will learn how to read in a faster way. Different letters together make different sounds in the English language. This is why, for example, far, sniff, phone, cough and often all have the same sound, yet they are written in different ways. Since this is crucial for the education of each child, it is not a bad idea to apply for a good program of phonics for kids at a good center. This is something that will help them in the reading process a lot as most of the challenges in the English language come from this fact, that different letters placed together produce different sounds. 

Spelling can also be perfected

When your kid starts going to school, you will also see that spelling plays a huge role in your child’s education and their academic growth. Even though it might seem as unimportant at this very moment (especially if your child is young), the time will come when your kid will have to produce lengthy essays or formal documents where spelling is crucial. Sure, there are plenty of spelling checkers online, but that doesn’t mean that your kid will not have to know how to spell. In addition, it is always better to learn these things at a young age because children are like sponges, and the younger they are, the faster they absorb knowledge. 

It is also play

Teaching nowadays can be a lot of fun, especially if you compare it to the way schooling used to be. Nowadays everything is comprised of different activities that resemble games, so that your child thinks they are playing while they are actually learning something new. If you enroll your kid into a good and modern phonics class, they will learn phonics through play, which is a huge plus and definitely something they will benefit from a lot in the future. Writing practice can also be fun and resemble a game thanks to the technological advances older generations didn’t have.

If you have ever thought about giving extra classes to your child, or enrolling your child in a course in order to learn something before he or she actually starts school, then consider a phonics class as not only will they learn how to properly read and write at an early age, it is also something that will distinguish them in the future and make faster learners out of them.

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