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Hi Tita Jinky and Tito homer. Thank you for responding to my message. I need some advise po.I just came from my 3-year relationship. We broke up 3 months ago. I caught him cheating on me the second time. I never expected he will do this to me. It hurts a lot dahil binagay ko lahat para hindi siya magsisi na ako ang naging girlfriend niya. Like I was a wife material to him. Let me share how things started.

He talked to me last week of April. He’s asking for space and so on. I asked him kung “may iba ka na ba?” He said no.

I told him, “Sige. Lets think things over. I will give us 2 months para magisip.” He agreed.

I was not convinced with his reason. So I opened his messenger and found out that his message was so sweet with a girl. Patay-mali lang ako ’cause nasanay na ako na ganun siya sa mga kaibigan niya na babae. And days passed, nakita kong nag-share siya sa pinsan niya na he was really attracted to her. I had to bear those things for a month. Hanggang kinain na ako ng depression.

So I talked to the girl, telling her that I exist. Nagulat ang babae ’cause ang buong akala n’ya matagal na kaming hiwalay. So I decided na kausapin ex ko telling him na alam ko na lahat. Wala siyang nasabi.

I let him go dahil hindi ko na kaya. What hurts me is sila na. Memories haunt me. Hindi niya inisip lahat ng tungkol sa amin. Ang dali niyang kalimutan lahat. Hindi ko alam gagawin ko. Please help me

– Janel

HE SAID: Hi Janel, Cheating is unfaithfulness. It’s all about being commmitted to a relationship. Yung paulit-ulit ka niyang sinasaktan ang proof na di ka niya mahal. Makasarili lang siya. This is from the point of view of a guy. Drop him off your list of being a life partner, pure and simple. How to move forward? The decision now rests on you. First, you have to decide that this relationship is sooo over. Acceptance is the first step. Then decide to forgive — yourself, your ex, and even the situation you’re in. Be courageous enough to embrace your brokenness. That is the only time that God can come into your life and fix you. Wala ng ibang makakagawa nun. Bury those painful memories by making new ones. This is where friends and family come in. Di mo man makakalimutan ang memories, di mo na mararamdaman ang sakit. So start today. Baby steps lang. One day at a time. Pray for healing and guidance. Kaya yan. Laban lang. God bless! – Tito Homer

SHE SAID: Hi Janel. You just let him go. If he cheated on you twice, he can do it again. I will really hurt, but you need to go through the process. Pero kailangan sayo manggaling and desisyon na kakalimutan mo siya and start moving forward na wala siya. No one can do it for you. It’s a decision and stand that you need to do. Ok lang masaktan, umiyak pero kailangan mo din maging ok para sa sarili mo. Pray for strength and direction. Ask God to help you. Kaya mo yan. Papayag ka ba na siya masaya na tapos ikaw nagmumukmok? Show the world and him that you deserve someone better than him. Show him what kung ano yung pinakawalan n’ya, pero please stay away from him. He is not the kind of guy who would take you seriously. Wait for the right one. I am very sure, God is preparing the best for you.

PS. Block him in all social medias and STOP stalking. Create new and wonderful memories with family and friends. Sino’ng nagsabi na sa boyfriend ka lang magiging masaya? God bless! – Tita Jinky

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