The Importance of Friendship and Ways to Nurture It


Whether you have two, or twenty close friends, you should do your best to nurture your friendships. Not only will friends be there to listen to you when you need them, but your relationship with them will help you grow and learn so much about yourself as well. Therefore, if you haven’t really paid attention to how your friendships develop, it’s time you look back on it and check out a few helpful tips on how to nurture your friendships.

Why friendships are important

One of the greatest reasons why friendship is so important is that it keeps you mentally and physically strong. Namely, friendships can help us deal with stress, choose to live a healthier lifestyle, and also speed up the process of recovery after a disease. Having good friends around is highly beneficial for your mental health because the more time you spend with positive people who understand and uplift you, the happier you will become. When you feel lonely, friends can fill that void and make you feel much better. Therefore, it’s paramount that you take every chance you get to nurture your friendships and you can do it in more than one way.

Send handwritten notes

Everyone’s about electronic communication nowadays, which makes people think less about sending out a letter or a handwritten thank you card to their loved ones. Make your token of appreciation that much special and write a thank you card for your friends after they buy you a gift. To show them that your friendship means the world to you, you can make a unique card that’ll let them know you’re sympathizing with whatever they’re going through at the moment.

Throw your friend a party

Surprise parties are a great way to show your friends that you care about them a lot, and that you want them to have the best birthday party, surrounded by all the people they love. So, for your friend’s next birthday, make sure you throw a personalized party, that’ll be all about your friend’s favourite movie, TV show, book or some other affinity. You can even wrap a birthday present for them in a customized paper, and decorate it with a lovely personalised ribbon, which will make a unique statement. Instead of throwing just another generic party, do your best to look for decorative items and various little details that’ll depict your friend and their unique personality.

Make time for them

Everyday life can leave us little time for our friends, which can lead to calling them only when we need something. That’s not what friendships should look like, so it’s the imperative to always find at least an hour to grab a cup of coffee with your friends. One of the ways to always stay in touch is to pick one day in a week that’ll be just yours, and that you’ll dedicate to meeting with your friends. Whether it’s breakfast on Wednesdays, or a drink on Fridays, you should be able to clear your schedule for some time and catch up with your friends.

Give meaningful gifts

The size, or the amount of money you spend on gifts for your friends, do not have to be the criteria for the value of the gift. Sometimes, the smallest present means more than the biggest hit, because it tells a story about your friendship or some experience you’ve been through together. Sentimental value is priceless and no amount of money could never compare to it, so feel free to consider making a gift by yourself. Gift certificates for a favourite restaurant, tickets for a concert, for a play, or for some other event, are all wonderful presents that’ll show you really had your friend’s best interest at heart when you were choosing the gift.

Friends are the family we choose on our own. Not only will friends always be there to help you with your struggles, but they’ll help you grow and keep you mentally and physically strong. Therefore, it’s vital that you spend as much time with them as possible and to always let them know how much they mean to you. If you do this, you won’t have to worry about losing any of them.

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