10 Minutes Ago

by Mira Quel | shared on He Said, She Said

from a jelly girl 10 minutes ago

10 minutes ago I envied and was jealous of you.
10 minutes ago I wished I could turn back time and never let you meet him.
10 minutes ago I was about to burst.
But that was 10 minutes ago.

I tried to pull myself together real quick ‘coz I believe that past must be left in the past.

Well I didn’t expect to have found this scrap book you wrote 3 years ago. Funny how these notes makes me imagine how lucky you are for having him for more than 4 years.

How happy you were together. How sweet and caring he is to you, how you met him and how much he loved you. I know I shouldn’t read this but with much curiosity I did.

I became jelly and I think it’s a normal initial reaction isn’t it? But after few minutes I realized that what happened in the past is something I couldn’t change. It’s done. It’s over and I was stupid for being insecure about it. But I’d like to thank you for loving him and making him happy during those years that you were together.

Yes, he is still the same guy you met. He’s still sweet, he’s still caring as ever, he’s still very loyal, he still has an everlasting patience. His sense of humor never fades and God is still the center of his life. All the things you wrote about him is still the same. Except for one. Because now I am his girl, I am his present and I will do my very best to be his future.

I’d like to thank you for hurting him, for choosing another guy over him. For real, thank you! ‘Coz if you didn’t leave him I will never have him. Thanks for giving me a chance to make him feel that he’s good enough, that he can do great things, that he can live outside his box.

I accept the fact that you were once the most important person in his life. The past is meant to be remembered to cherish its lessons.

So then, I will never do the same thing you did. I will never let him go, ‘coz I can accept that he used to love someone in the past.

But I couldn’t imagine seeing him being with anyone else but me in the future. He is mine and will be mine for a lifetime.

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