5 Habits Your Future Self Will Thank You For

Future Self

Living spontaneously day-to-day is certainly exciting and adventurous, but it may lead to a chaotic, tiring and dissatisfied life. Building your daily routine does not mean you’re giving into the dull and stolid curse of adulthood, but it actually paves the way for becoming better by continuously working on yourself, and optimizing your mind, body and spirit. Here are five healthy and easy habits your future self will thank you for.


Don’t be that person who’ll go to the gym only before their beach vacation and give up as soon as fall crawls back into our days. Working out shouldn’t feel like punishment, but an energy-boosting, strengthening and stress-relieving activity we enjoy doing.  At least 30 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity is recommended for reducing the risk of illness, maintaining the wellbeing of our body and mind, and staying fit. Find your soulmate workout and squeeze it into your weekly calendar, and make sure to keep track of your progress since this will serve as a form of motivation as well.


Meditation is a tremendously beneficial spiritual training of the mind. If you manage to allocate time and find a place in nature, it’s an ideal opportunity to clear your mind, breathe in healthy air, boost your energy level and become closer to your true self. Carving out even a few minutes a day for this traditional stress relief method can have benefits far beyond calming your mind. In the long run, practicing meditation can make you procrastinate less and be more productive and mentally stable. It also helps your brain age more slowly and increases the amount of gray matter, so it improves your overall mood.

Take care of your skin

Never postpone taking care of your body and nurturing your beauty. From eating super-foods and having green tea for breakfast, to spa treatments and adequate moisturising skincare products, self-care habits bring both short and long-term results. You can also try some homemade DIY face and body masks while you sink into a hot bath enhanced with beneficial oils such as argan and coconut, and provide yourself with the ultimate self-care indulgence. Incorporating regular habits of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing your skin will improve hydration, elasticity and prevent wrinkling, stretching and flaking.  


Just as you exercise your body, you should exercise your brain as well. Reading improves your memory and concentration in the long run, expands your vocabulary and writing skills, and opens your mind to different horizons. Additionally, reading on a daily basis provides an outlet for your imagination, a sort of a healthy and refreshing escape from reality for a short while. It’s a well-known truth that once we enter the world of adults, we realize we wasted a lot of time hating on books and failed to realize the life-changing effect they might have on us. So, invest in your private library and start a book club with your closest friends – your future self will thank you for it.  

Drink more water

We are constantly told about the benefits and advantages of drinking more water, yet somehow, we fail to make it a daily practice. This is especially important during summer when we’re exposing our bodies to high temperatures, and we should drink more than we usually do. The lack of water in our system can make us feel sluggish and tired, so having a water bottle on you at all times is a habit your body and brain will certainly be thankful for. Additionally, two glasses of lukewarm water in the morning can have a positive effect on your cognitive performance and help flush toxins from the skin.    

Most people are prone to delaying things, believing they have all the time in the world. However, we need to be realistic and accept the fact that we’re not getting any younger, so instead of always living in the moment, we need to think of the future as well. We need to let go of the bad habits and adopt those which have a positive effect on our emotional, social and professional lives. What’s more, tight schedules make it harder for negativity and boredom to creep into our days, so get a planner and schedule your newly adopted habits and goals.

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