HotDish – Not Just Comfort Food, But Real Food!


Sunday morning is a natural family bonding event for the Nieveras, but since we had an event on a Saturday night, waking up early to prepare for lunch was a struggle.Hotdish

Calling in for some real food delivery is supposed to be a struggle be

cause, yes, everyone is having some kind of reunion or gathering and all the lines are busy. But guess what? We called HotDish via their hotline 0933-820-7171 (there’s a landline: 936-7053) and voila! We had our instant family feast for lunch.

This is it, Pansit! Yup, a fave expression especially if you’ve got Pansit Sisig as our star food attraction. Equally food hits were the buttered chicken, lumpia, and yes, the pichi-pichi!

HSSS family, checkout for your BER MONTHS celebrations.

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