5 healthy food you have to eat while suffering from appendicitis

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5 healthy food you have to eat while suffering from appendicitis | The human body sometimes can be hard to diagnose, even by doctors. There are cases where what exactly happened to a person couldn’t be detected. The common illness that half of the population has suffered from is illness connected to the abdomen.

Food is an important part of the human body, as not all foods are good for health, especially when you are sick. In sick times one has to be on a healthy diet. A sturdy diet helps in recovering from any kind of disease rapidly. There is a diet for patients suffering from coronavirus.

What is appendicitis?

Appendicitis is the soreness of the appendix which is the pouch at the spring of the large intestine. Symptoms that appear while suffering from the illness are abdominal pain which occurs at the right side of the abdomen, nauseated feeling, and loss of appetite. Not everyone goes through these typical symptoms.

 If the appendix bursts inside the abdomen it causes serious pain in the peritoneum, inner-surface of the inner wall of the belly which covers the abdominal organs, and not to forget sepsis follows right after. Therefore, the appendix needs to be taken out immediately.

What causes appendicitis and what is its use in the body?

Appendicitis can be infected by bacteria, parasites, or viruses in the digestive pathway. Block occurs in the inside of the appendix. There is another way of the appendix getting affected as the tube that connects the large intestine gets blocked by stool. Tumours can also cause appendicitis 

The appendix helps in protecting the fine bacteria in the guts. The process is to repopulate the fine bacteria back once it’s affected by diarrhoea or other illness that completely flushes out the intestines. Appendicitis now does not happen much in our body as hygiene has become a necessary part of our life.


Taking medicine for pain is not a good option as it hides other symptoms from your doctor, with which he can diagnose you better.

> abdominal pain-

the first sign of having appendicitis. Anyone who feels pain in the right down corner of the belly is assumed to have been affected by appendicitis.

>upset stomach and vomiting- 

The vomiting tendency will increase as one feels abdominal pain all the time.

>loss of appetite-

 no food will taste good to you, your body will reject eating.


 fever can arrive in short gaps of time. It’s best to rest or use cold water to pour on your forehead for the fever to go away. Blood sugar levels should be in check.


will not be able to take a dump, as the stool refuses to leave the body and becomes hard, which injures the anus.

>swollen abdomen

– the more infected the appendix, the more swollen the belly.


In children, there is an uneasy feeling while they suffer from appendicitis.

>escalate heart rate 

In many cases, it has been observed that when the pain starts the heart rate increases as the body tries to adapt to the situation it’s going through.

Diagnosis of appendicitis 

Blood tests- 

checks whether there is a high count of white blood cells, and tracks if there is any infection building.

Urine tests-

To check if the urinary tract has any infection.

Abdominal ultrasound

To measure the flow of the blood through different blood vessels.

CT scan

It scans the whole body, specifically focusing on the bones, muscles, fat, and organs.


This process is specially used for pregnant women who have been detected carrying appendicitis.

5 healthy foods for recovery

>Oats or wheat grams for breakfast, try to avoid cereals.\

Cereals are heavy food for a patient with appendicitis, whereas oats are light.

>whole wheat flour rather than all-purpose flour.

By grinding all wheat kernels in dust, whole wheat still has the nutrients in it. All-purpose flour removed the nutrients.

> brown rice is prescribed by doctors and asked to leave white rice till recovery.

Brown rice has fiber, magnesium, and other nutrients, whereas white rice is artificially enriched with nutrients.

>drink coconut water twice daily.

It helps a person to release stool easily, as being affected by appendicitis has constipation.

>for dessert only fresh-cut fruits.

Swapping sweets with fruits as desserts is the best way to not gain fat. Fruits have 60 calories with 15 grams of carbohydrates, also zero protein, and 3 to 5 grams of fiber.

However, there is no known treatment or way to stop appendicitis from happening.

Contacting doctors or going to the hospital right away is the right decision if there is a similar pain in the abdomen as mentioned above.

Without treatment, if it’s acute appendicitis, the appendix can shatter 48- 72 hours. A ruptured appendix can cause a serious infection called peritonitis, which can be life-threatening without prompt action.


According to a study, the worm structure which is found next to the intersection of the small and large intestines that we mammals have in our body has evolved 32 times.it not after all absolutely useless, appendix as mentioned above guards our gut bacteria when a serious infection arrives.50 out of 361 mammalian species have an appendix, no one knows why such a trait with such a function is not universal. We haven’t quite cracked the mystery of the appendix.

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Photo by Trang Doan from Pexels


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