5 Ways to Help You Cope with Big Changes

Cope with Big Changes

In life, change is inevitable. It is something that we will constantly have to deal with, but many of us struggle. Whether it is good or bad, a lot of people find it very hard to embrace change and I don’t think any of us ever fully get used to it. However, there are many things we can do to help us cope. Whether you adapt well or find it difficult to accept new situations, here are five ways you to help you cope with big changes to improve the experience and to ensure you come out the other end as a better person. 

Keep to a Schedule

When a regular schedule is followed around change, you won’t have to deal with as much because there is still some security there, known as an anchor. An anchor is something that reminds you that there are things that haven’t changed, which helps to relax your brain. During large amounts of change, writing out and ticking off a daily routine can really help.

Look After Yourself

You should always put yourself first, no matter what the situation is. Self-care is something a lot of us deny ourselves and it isn’t always on purpose. During change, you should always make sure you look after yourself. Keeping yourself healthy through exercise and eating well is one thing, but little things to relax and de-stress you are just as important. For example, it is okay to eat comfort foods such as carbohydrates because these have been proven to boost serotonin levels in your brain, which improves your mood. 

Get Support

No one should have to deal with anything difficult alone. You should never be embarrassed or scared to ask for help, it’s extremely natural to seek support and you shouldn’t deny yourself assistance if you feel like you need it. If you don’t have close family or friends to go to, or if they are dealing with their own problems, then getting help from services that provide Minneapolis Individual Therapy is something you really should consider.  

Find the Positives

Change can be good or bad, if it is good, then pointing out and understanding the positives can be a simple thing to do, but if the change isn’t so good, then trying to identify the good things can help you cope with it a bit better. It can be hard to keep a positive frame of mind during hard times, but it is extremely helpful for you mentally if you can. Change is there to present us with opportunities to grow as an individual and acknowledging the result is underrated. 

Accept It

Sometimes, you can get very caught up trying to fight the fact that change is happening. Denial is strong and effective. It can protect us in many ways but accepting that the change is happening and that it is okay can actually be less stressful compared to putting it off.

Following these tips can have the potential to improve your experience during change and as a result, the stress you have to endure is decreased. Whether the change is bad or good, stress is something you will most likely come across, but the less you have to deal with the better. Don’t forget to give yourself a break.

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