A Damsel Not in Distress

A Damsel Not in Distress

by Krystel Jane Mendejar

She’s independent and brave.

She walks along the subway with her head up not trying to look weak. She draws attention in a blink of an eye.

To some women, the way she speaks her mind is intimidating. Men go head-over-heels but cannot do a single step to get closer to her. Her lips and eyes have this strong communication and coordination. Even her silence speaks of her strong presence in the room. Of course, she has flaws like every other person you know but what’s amazing about her is she turns her drawbacks and setbacks into stairs of her tower.

damselShe’s not the sugar, spice and everything nice type of girl. She doesn’t need luxurious dresses and expensive jewelries to justify her femininity. Whether she ties her hair in a knot or curls it or just let it down, it doesn’t affect the looks of her invisible tiara and reign. She dresses comfortably but professionally at the same time. She’s never insecure. Her surrounding is her kingdom.

If you ever plan of dating her, remember that the first time you tell her that you love her is the moment she opens the gate of her kingdom. Sometimes she might challenge you to argue her own insights so don’t get bothered however weird it may seem. She randomly talks about how amazing urban traffic is and how lovely countryside road trips are. She may be independent but if someone brave enough offers companionship, she will depend half of her trust on that someone. She’s a sweet paradoxical museum of beauty.

Be as stern as the bricks of her high walls are, her strong personality are her walls that surround her tower. The way she walks, there is this undeniably obvious powerful energy of her mind’s chakra. If you date her, that means you’re dating her wholeness — her strongest and weakest points, her indulgence, her flaws and assets, her misadventures and plans, every little thing about her. If you love only a partial of her — if you’re only after her looks, then I highly suggest you pull that tie of your horse and do your royal exit. Never ever think of trying to go back. It took her real hard time to be who she is today and rebuilding herself might cause her fatality. It’s an honor to get her but remember to pay the price for the rest of your life if you’ll ever break her.

She’s a damsel not in distress and ain’t waiting for a knight-in-shining-armour to kiss her in her sleep. What she needs is a comrade who swears his life ’til the end. And if you’re a coward prince with a weak heart, I’m telling you, it is a friendly advise to tell you to just stay where you are and never bother hitting on her. Don’t.

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