An Open Letter to Everyone Who Struggles Loving Themselves

Open Letter
Image: pexels-photo-4050079

HeSaidSheSaidPH | by s.a.s.m | It’s not your fault that some people couldn’t see right through you. It was never your fault that some people couldn’t understand. Please be gentle with yourself. I know it sucks— so bad, to see yourself as someone who is full of flaws & lapses.

As someone who made a lot of mistakes in life; & made you question your worth every time. & made you feel every ridiculous word that you could find in your own vocabulary. I know that at some point, you may have doubted yourself & your own capabilities. In every aspect, in every situation.

Perhaps you’ve felt all the extremes from different kind of people. Some may have pushed you to your limits— that you ended up bursting, exploding; speaking your emotions & letting it control you.

Realizing the fact that you may have wounded someone’s heart— unintentionally. & it made you hate yourself in the long run. Or maybe you’ve done things that affected you greater than what you’ve expected before. That up until now, you couldn’t forgive yourself. You couldn’t break the chains that bind you. You couldn’t heal. You couldn’t let go. Because honestly speaking, it still haunts you. Randomly. Unexpectedly.

But dear, we all deserve happiness & peace of mind. We all deserve the love we keep on giving. Forgive yourselves first— & everything will follow.

Real love can only be found when you stop looking for it from other people; & start searching for it within you.

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