Beauty Secrets Aussies Swear By

Beauty Secrets Aussies Swear By Muling Pagsilay sa Paraiso

Beauty Secrets Aussies Swear By | Living in the Land Down Under comes with plenty of seaside fun, parties, and gorgeous tan every year. However, growing up by the ocean under the scorching sun comes with a few rules that every Aussie knows and adheres to so they can protect their skin and keep a flawless complexion. Alongside that, they know how damaging a mixture of sun and ocean water can be for their hair, so they’re willing to let us know how they manage to look flawless while living in the Australian climate. Today, we bring those Aussie beauty secrets to you.

Applying SPF religiously

Being raised in Sydney, Melbourne, or any place where the sun rays can be relentless against your skin will mean you’ll learn how to protect your skin in the best way possible. What any would recommend is that protecting your skin must become your second nature. There’s no way around it, and you should take it seriously. Whether you’re going to the beach to soak up the sun, running errands, going to work or just for a walk – applying SPF must be a part of your daily routine. Just like you’d put on lipstick or spray a bit of perfume on your neck, you should slather on sunblock before leaving the house. Not only will you protect your skin from the damaging UV rays, but you’ll also ensure a flawless bronzy tan.

Protecting hair with nourishing masks

When you mix the sunlight, the sand and the ocean, you’d think it would be impossible to have flawless hair. However, you’d be mistaking. Precisely the fact that Sydneysiders have the opportunity to enjoy the sun and the sea so much gives them the chance to avoid blowing out their hair with dryers. All they can do is leave it to dry in the sun, and get those lovely beach waves we all long for. However, even those locks wouldn’t be as gorgeous as they are without a few tricks. Nourishing hair masks are lifesavers. You can leave them overnight and wrap your hair in cellophane, or simply allow for the product to work its magic on your hair for a few hours during the day. Rinse out, let the hair dry on its own and spray a little bit of that beach-wave spray. Voila, Australia in your hair in a matter of minutes.

Au natural looks

When it comes to make-up secrets, Australians only have one simple rule – less is more. No make-up is the best make-up you could wear when everything off you is melting. However, they won’t go completely bare-faced. A tinted moisturizer, a bit of mascara and tattooed eyebrows are something Aussies swear by. Nothing says a put-together look more than flawless eyebrows and even complexion. Aussies say that every time they had an eyebrow tattoo in Sydney done, they never looked better. Eyebrows give an entirely new dimension and definition to your face, so they must look perfect every day to offer a gorgeous look every time.

Embrace a thorough skincare routine

Are you trying to get rid of those breakouts and prevent them in the future? Is your skin may be flaky, and you don’t know how to make it radiant? Aussies have a few tips and tricks that will be of great help. First, you must remember to wash your face thoroughly before going to bed. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been wearing make-up that day or not. You’ve accumulated dirt on your face, which, in combination with sweat and sebum, wreaks havoc on your skin. Therefore, washing it thoroughly in the shower or afterwards is crucial. Follow with a toner for your skin type, and finish off with a moisturizer suitable for your skin. Make sure you exfoliate at least once a week to slough off dead skin cells and expose the new, better-looking skin. Throw a hydration mask in there from time to time so that your skin looks supple and plump.

Hand and nail care is imperative

Many people would say that nails are the reflection of someone’s personality. Just think. What’s the first thing you think about a person when you see they have nicely manicured nails and nourished hands? Now imagine a different scenario. A woman with cracked nail polish needed a new manicure weeks ago. You have to admit that the former will appear like a well-cared lady while the latter will instantly translate as a woman who couldn’t care less about taking care of her nails. That’s why Aussie women make sure their nails are always neat and polished. Having regular hand and nail care treatments and nourishing your hands with creams and SPF is also mandatory if you want soft hands and cuticle-free nails.

Final thoughts

From slathering on the SPF to revealing the secret to gorgeous hair and flawless complexion, Aussies are full of beauty secrets that will help you create a new beauty routine and rediscover yourself. Don’t forget to protect your skin no matter the season, and be sure you take your facecare routine seriously. Don’t neglect your hair and nails either, and you’ll look gorgeous every day. 

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