Tips for Gorgeous Hair According to Hairstylists

Tips for Gorgeous Hair According to Hairstylists

Tips for Gorgeous Hair According to Hairstylists | No matter how our hair looks or feels, we all just want one thing: to look like we just stepped out of a hair salon. But if you just don’t have money and time to have hair appointments once a week, don’t worry—you can remember these tips and treat your hair with love and respect at home. Here’s what leading experts have to say about keeping your hair healthy, bouncy and gorgeous:

Wash with lukewarm water

After a long day, there’s nothing better than a hot shower, but let’s be real, they are not helping your hair, especially in winter. Scalding water will remove all the essential oils from your hair and feel you looking and feeling dry and dull. So stick to lower temperatures which are just as effective at cleaning your hair, but won’t damage it. Hot water is also not good for your skin and can cause a dry complexion, so it’s really time to ditch hot showers.

Condition like a boss

You’re probably already using conditioner, but are you using it the right way? If your hair often gets too greasy too fast (typically in the roots first), use this unfortunate event as a reminder that conditioner only goes on certain parts of your hair. Leave your roots alone and apply it only to the ends of your hair. When it comes to application, you can improve equal distribution with a wide-tooth comb which is also great for detangling your hair.

Ditch the towel

You’ve always used a towel to remove excess water from your air—how else are you supposed to do it? Well, there’s a better way. Squeeze out the excess water in the shower, grab an old cotton t-shirt and wrap it around your hair, since it is much gentler than a towel and will result in less breakage.

Let go of ponytails

This is a favorite hairstyle of many, but ponytails can seriously damage your hair and scalp, especially if you love them tight. If you love to tie your hair, choose a lower ponytail look or go with a messy bun instead. If you want to make your hair look longer by making your ponytail super tight, better grab a hair extensions clip in ponytail that will provide you with length and volume, without damaging your hair and scalp. These are easy to put in and take out so you can change your style quickly and allow your natural hair to breathe.

Protect the hair from heat

Sure, your hair might look amazing after a blowout or straightening, but styling with heat can seriously damage your hair. Of course, you’re not willing to part ways with your hot styling tools for good, but what you can do is apply some heat protection products. Before you tackle your hair with a blow dryer, straightener or curling iron, spritz on a heat protectant. There are many on the market and they exist for a reason, so use them!

Take care of your scalp

If you take good care of your body skin, why neglect your head skin? Your scalp deserves some love too, so make sure to exfoliate it regularly. The buildup of dead skin, oil and product can overload your scalp and leave your hair less healthy, so once or twice a month, grab a micro-exfoliating scrub and tackle your scalp.

Trim damaged hair

Trimming is a nightmare for many women, but if you want to keep your hair healthy and attractive, those split ends need to go. Rather than trying to hide them, go see your hairdresser and chop them off—this hair is already dead, so you don’t want to keep it. In order to keep your haircut appointments at a minimum, hydrate your air with a leave-in hair cream that will nourish your strands all day long. Apply a little bit onto damp hair and spread evenly all through the hair and ends.

Invest in good tools

Why does your hair look so good after a professional appointment? Besides all the quality products and skills they have, hairstylists also use the right tools to style your hair. Good brushes and other tools are a good investment. They might have a heftier price tag, but they will treat your hair right and even last for a lifetime if you look after them.

With these professional hairstylist tips, your hair will look better than ever. And if you throw in a good diet and plenty of hydration, you and your healthy and shiny hair will dazzle every room you step in. 

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