How to Move into Your New Home Like a Professional

How to Move into Your New Home Like a Professional
Image Photo by cottonbro from Pexels | How to Move into Your New Home Like a Professional | Moving into a new house is very exciting but stressful. There are so many things you need to finish up at your old house, take care of documentation, pack, transport everything and then unpack and settle down at your new location. However, if you have a handy guide to help you, you can move into your new house smoothly like a professional.

Connect your utilities

Before you even think about moving into your new place, make sure to connect the house utilities in your name. Luckily, this process is fast and simple—call your energy provider, give them your information and let them do the rest. This action usually takes only about one or two business days in places like Australia, but make sure to do it before you move in. However, you need to be even more proactive when setting up your internet connection. This is a slow process that can last up to three weeks, so do it in advance or suffer your first days without internet access.

Cut new keys

As soon as you get the keys to your new place, make sure to cut a few copies. Moving is messy and stressful and you don’t want to lose keys or get locked outside the house. Every member of the household needs a set of keys, but it’s also smart to have a set for family members or close friends.

Child and pet-proof your premises

If you’re moving with kids or pets, make sure to ensure their safety by doing some first-hand childproofing until you fully settle down. It’s best to create a separate kid- and pet-free zone for discarding boxes and packing materials, but also make sure to check windows and remove any hanging cords that can attract your little one’s attention. Of course, all sharp and toxic items need to be kept safely out of reach of little hands and paws.

Organize professional cleaning

Most properties are cleaned professionally before new tenants move in, but if the house is left empty for a prolonged period of time, make sure to go over it again before you start your life there. There are various professional cleaning companies across countries like the States or Australia that will do everything from steaming the carpets to disinfecting bathrooms and kitchens. If you’re considering any remodels or big landscaping changes, you also might want cleaning help in that department. People from Australia will find it easy to hiring rubbish removal in Brisbane and safely and quickly get rid of any trash like furniture, flooring, shop fittings, plastics, e-waste, fences and green waste.

Locate fuse box and water valve

You don’t want to go looking for a fuse box if the lights go out or a water valve if your pipe bursts. It’s always smarter to locate these important elements before you move in so you know how to shut off utilities in case of an emergency.

Research local businesses

You might need various different things during your moving process. You might know where to get them back at home but will definitely feel lost in your new neighborhood. To prevent wasting time on looking for hardware stores, landscape necessities and other things, do some research on local businesses before you move.

Find a home for all your items

Make a good plan of attack before you start your move, especially when it comes to bigger items like furniture and appliances. You probably have a basic idea where everything will go, but set some time aside to come up with a more precise setup. Having a good plan will make your move faster.

There you have it, a few must-do things before you move to your new home. These will ensure this stressful period of your life goes as smoothly and painlessly as possible.

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