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How painful it is to remember someone who hurt you so badly.

Someone whom you are always reminded wherever you go that they exist and what harm they can inflict to you.

Everytime you think of them,the previous incident keeps playing in your head. You get that feeling of pain squeezing your heart; that acid-like pouring in the pit of your stomach; the unstoppable tears brimming your eyes; and the fear that it might happen again.

When you are stuck between broken trust and love — broken heart and peace of mind. When you wanted to move on while you are still holding the pain. When you took a step forward but took twice backward. When you wanted to forgive while your heart still bleeds.

No matter how you tried to move forward, the force that pulls you back, the weight that held you down are much stronger than the strength you have to stand up. The dreams that you often have, haunting you and wakes you up with fear and tears in the middle of the night. That experience will leave you hanging and asking why.

Why are there people who is careless enough to ruin what you’ve treasured? The relationship you thought that would never give in to temptations. The love and trust you built throughout the years, would be tested.

And there comes someone who is selfish. Who chooses her own happiness and stepping into someones heart. Hard!

Who would take advantage of another person’s weak state. Who would grab the opportunity while he is weak.

You love him? But you know he is in a relationship with somebody else! Yet you disregard your own dignity just to be with him. Now, you’re telling me you regret it and you’re sorry? But what can it do?

It cannot rebuild my broken trust. It cannot mend my broken heart. It can not ease the pain inside. It cannot stop my tears.

It cannot cope with those sleepless nights. It cannot assure my doubts. It cannot erase the fears l have.

Not now. Not yet. But someday.

You deeply scarred me, but I still manage to smile.

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