Dilemma of a Filipina with a Fil-Chinese BF

Chinese Guy Filipina GF
Good afternoon po! I’m having a relationship with a Chinese guy. Ang alam nya, wala syang greatwall or the Chinese to Chinese relationship culture. Pero nung he’s talked to his family na about us, sinabihan sya ng family nya na he cant have relationship with someone na hindi chinese. He needs to choose between me and everything he have.
As of now, kami pa rin po. Although di kami nagkikita even if we’re near each other since ayaw nga po ng parents nya. How should we deal with it po? We both don’t want it to end but he’s afraid na mawala rin everything sa kanya.
– Jes


Our Advice:

Hi Jes, admittedly, ganyan talaga sila. It’s a culture thing and you know that for sure. Our son had a relationship with a Chinese girl once. We approved of it but the other side didn’t. The girl was the eldest in their family (siblings). They ended it.

Our son is already engaged to another doctor (Filipina). We’re glad parents, too, because we love his fiancee dearly.

In your situation, unless you’re a lawyer or doctor or in a very successful business, the family of the guy will not be able to approve at this time.

What to do? First, it’s the man’s decision. If your love is worth fighting for, he will stick to you, despite the consequences. He can always build his own fortune if that’s the thing he’s worried about. He has the same Chinese connections anyway. As for you, it’s a waiting game.

But we’ll not put your hopes up, ok? Brace for the worst. Buy hey, your love — and God — will find a way.

Just make sure that both of you are ready for anything. Hopefully, it’s “You and me against the world!”

God bless, Tito Homer & Tita Jinky

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