To the Man I Want to Spend my Lifetime with

To the Man I Want to Spend my Lifetime with

by Amber Cortez |

I wasn’t ready to know you the moment you crossed my life. I wasn’t ready to deal with another man that might break me again. I wasn’t ready with all the problems that might arise and we might split. I wasn’t ready to love and to be loved. I just wasn’t ready with your presence. I wasn’t ready at all.

It wasn’t the right timing. I was broken and so you were. I thought things will go wrong but no. We clicked just like how things should be. We’re like first lovers. We planned just like it’s so near. We love like there’s no tomorrow. The world revolves with us alone. We fix things as much as we can. We wanted a life together. We wanted to settle with each other. We wanted. We planned to.

You were my dream man. The man I though I’ll spend my lifetime with. The man who planned his future with me. The man who promised a life with me. You were my man. You were. Were. Cause you’re now hers. You were my man until she came and hit accrossed the two of us. You were my man until you broke up with me and decided to have a life with her. You were my dream man until that friend of mine hooked up with you.

You were the man I want to spend my lifetime with. And yes until now you were the one I want to spend everyday. I wasn’t writing this to hurt you nor to spread hate. I’m writing this to tell you that until now, I’m waiting for you to be back. For you to know that I’m still haunted by the promises that you’ll always come home to me. I’m not writing this to bring pain. But I’m writing this down to try if the pain I feel will be lessen.

I’m trying so hard to be happy without you. I’m trying so hard to convince every person we know that I can grow on my own. I’m trying hard to tell myself that I can do our plans on my own.

Love, I’ll be waiting until the sun won’t shine again. I’ll be waiting til there’s no tomorrow. And I promise to wait for you and I’ll love you until I love you.


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