Finding Your Purpose

find your purpose

Hi Tito Homer and Tita Jinky. I want to know my purpose. I’m alone and I want to motivate myself through your messages daily. – Yoly


Hello. Aizel. Thanks for messaging us. Everything we post on the page are meant to help people go through whatever situation they are in. We post personal experiences and words from the very same people who are both hurting and happy. Because life is real. Finding your true purpose in life is a journey only you will be able to experience. It all starts with first acknowledging that God is in control of everything in this world, including your life. It’s acknowledging that God is so good and merciful that He gives us the freedom to decide on our daily choices. These choices then lead us somewhere. That depends on what choices we make right? So, to make sure everything will be according to His perfect plan, we pray for God to reveal it us. We do this daily. Then soon, you’ll discover your true purpose. It will be in your heart. All you need is to decide on it.

Today, we ask you to pray this: “O Jesus, I abandon myself to you. Jesus, you take over.”

Say this prayer each morning. Let God take you to His purpose and mission for you in your life today. In all things, know that God loves you! – Tito Homer & Tita Jinky

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