To the Guy Who’s Afraid to Risk His Heart to Love

Risk His Heart to Love

by Cloudine

I know what you’re feeling. You’re questioning love because of the thousand voices who’ve screamed their dismay and heartaches to your listening ears. You’re doubting your capabilities on holding such destructive emotions and giving all of your sanity to someone you’ll eventually love intensely. I know how much you think ’bout the possibilities of unloyalty, huge misunderstandings and soul-wreaking break-ups. All of those are right. How dumb are we to still wait for someone who wouldn’t even spare us a glance? How stupid are we to risk everything for something that doesn’t guarantee an eternal flame?

But do you know what’s the stupidest thing you can do?

It’s the fact that you’re wasting your life thinking ’bout the things that may or may not even happen to you. You’re missing out the love that gives a feeling of having a whole damn zoo in your stomach, every animal goes wild whenever you see her. You’re letting yourself pass by without experiencing the affection and admiration of someone towards you.

When you meet her, the way you see the world will change. You will notice every little thing she does.

The way her eyes wrinkle at the corner whenever she smile is just so magnificent that you would want to mark every part of her; you would want the whole world to know that you love her. You will even consider screaming her name at the shore, hoping for the next island to hear how much you adore her. Her presence is too bright that even the stars will hide theirselves behind the moon. You will crave the way she shines, the way she present herself will be your daily daydreams. The way her tongue dances around inside her mouth, her soft lips open as she produces a sound that travels in your ears, towards your fast-beating heart.

You will love all of it as much as you will accept her flaws with wide open arms. Her gross mannerism of picking on her nose whenever she’s bored. The way she sings loudly in public places, not caring ’bout the people who can hear her ear-shattering voice, would be alright because you know that it makes her happy and you want the jollyness in her eyes to stay. You will understand that she’s not perfect and she has demons underneath her bed. You will try to be her aid and make her feel loved and important and vice versa. You’ll understand everything she’s going through and you will use the love you have on her to help her reach the shore because that’s what she’s longing for, to finally breathe.

Love doesn’t give you assurance that everything will be perfect but it surely gives you something to treasure for the next ten or 20 or 30 or 40 years of your life. Live your live without regrets. Love until you can’t love someone hard enough. Invest your energy and don’t hesitate to risk some pieces of yourself for happiness, even if it might just last for a while yet still, every smile and laugh are worth it.

Let me show you that, honey. I’m just here, patiently waiting for you to cross the bridge and take the risk with me.

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