It Doesn’t Matter

doesnt matter
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It doesn’t matter how long the waiting may take.
It doesn’t matter how far the distance is.
It doesn’t matter how slow the days are going.
It doesn’t matter how dull the passing moments are.


It doesn’t matter at all.

I’ll be patiently waiting until the day that we could finally choose not to wait. Through the airspace that separates us, my heart is full knowing that when all the chaos is gone, I’ll find you home waiting for me.

Days may seem slower now than ever, let it be. Let the time heal the wounds of the past, let it fix the broken pieces of yesterdays. With high hopes and unbreakable faith, let’s say our prayers for more beautiful dawn and peaceful nights ahead. Isn’t it wonderful that despite the distance, we still have each other in this fight? Don’t be sad, this too shall pass.

Wait for me.

I will come home soon.

For now, stay home and be safe.

Oneth Trione, ***OCS 2018

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