Known But Unknown

Known But Unknown

by Marjorie Pamittan Sibal, He Said, She Said Philippines |

I can tell you exactly what’s the color of his shoe and what are the clothes he wear. I can tell you the genre he loves to sing and the song he loves to play.

I can tell you what makes him busy everyday and what makes him bored.
I can tell you his favorite biscuits and his favorite milk. I can tell you that he cooks for himself. I can tell you that he only got three exes and the last girl he loved never reciprocated the efforts he did. I can tell you these things because he was my favorite.

However, I can’t tell you what’s on his mind. I can’t tell you what pleases him and what is not. I can’t tell you what stories does he love because he never tell. I can’t pin point to you what is his favorite subject and what he hates. I can’t tell you how he solves problem and how he dwells with problem.

I can tell you how he is but I can’t tell you why he’s fine or why not.
It is because he doesn’t want me to enter into his life. He just want me to be there for him and he said that’s enough.

To my known but unknown, I am thankful for not pursuing me.

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