Last Love

by Melchie Mae | shared on He Said, She Said

Four long years, but here I am writing yet again another confession about you.

It’s still you anyway. Whenever I hear a song or gone to places that we just used to tell each other, it brings back all the memories of you. Everything feels like yesterday.

I almost died when you left. The pain still lingers on and everyday I would wake up praying to God to help me recover. And it helps because there are times when I don’t think of you anymore.

But you know it’s never a one-night process, up to this day I’m still picking up the pieces of myself that was shattered when you walked away. The saddest part of it all, no one ever knows how I feel. They think I have moved on easily when in reality I still cry myself at night.

It’s hard whenever they joke around me about what happened to us and I just shrugged it off like I don’ care, but the truth is, it still breaks my heart. I have proven it myself that time doesn’t really heal all wounds, it will always be a choice.

I know you have someone else right now. And even if it hurts, without any bitterness, I’m at peace knowing you’ve found a reason to be happy. Because you deserve it.

As for me, no matter how long the process will be, I surrender everything to God.

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