Life Isn’t by Chance

by Homer Nievera | shared on He Said, She Said |

Purpose. This is what life is really all about.

If you haven’t found yours yet, don’t be so hard-pressed in finding what it is. It will come to you. Purpose in life is sought out or sorted out. It simply finds you wherever and in whatever state you are.

I was five years old when I had this sudden feeling of panic. I was so young then but when I gazed upon the setting sun through a window of our small Makati City apartment, it hit me — “What am I here on earth for?”

The sun, so big and majestic on it’s heavenly place, represented the mighty Creator. It seemed to look down upon me. I imagined the billions of people on earth who might have thought the same. The sun looking upon each and every being on earth. Amazing how God saw us on an individual basis!

If that was so, would life unfold just by chance? Could we really do anything and not be noticed? Not a chance for sure!

Everyone and everything that we do MUST have a purpose. Even the people we meet and make part of our lives have a reason.

There are no mistakes in life. They normally are planned bumps on life’s road or in many instances, detours. Happy victories are not because of our individual circumstances or by coincidence. They are part of the plan. You see, if you believe in a Supreme Being who has created each and every cell in your body, then you should wonder “for what purpose?” He has a plan — an individual plan, that is.The only thing that will make things go “wrong” is when we defy “the plan.”

I have always believed that the most important thing created in us is the heart. This is where the “will” resides. The “will” is both God’s will and our own that drives us to our direction. I believe that God’s plan and timing are ALWAYS PERFECT. Nothing He does will be by accident. So we are definitely not here by accident. We just need to examine our heart more to know of our purpose. Remember, God resides in and speaks through the heart. Listen.

Our conscience is our compass. It is not connected to our brain but is wired to our heart. It works on a database of experiences and learnings. Thus, if we just meditate and pray for wisdom and discernment, we will definitely know where and when to go. As timing is also crucial, this bit has to be specifically prayed for as well.Just remember that prayers are always answered. We just have to accept the answer even if we don’t agree with it.

Choices. Why are we always faced with crossroads? This is the exciting part of life. This is also a gift that God has given us. We are free to choose what door to open or what road to take. Scared to choose which door to open or which road to take? Pray. Listen to your heart. Besides, even the angels had their choices, right? One chose to be king and above the Creator and was given the key to hell.He should have stayed loyal to His Creator instead.

So life which resides in all of us isn’t by chance. Let’s not wait till we’re in mid-life to ask ourselves “where to?” but instead always pray and seek your heart on “where to now?”
It’s the “now” that’s really important. Yesterday ended last night and tomorrow may never come.

Throw the dice away. You don’t need it.

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