Possessing Love

by Homer Nievera | shared on He Said, She Said |

“I owe, I owe, so off to work I go…”

A funny take of the the seven dwarfs’ “Hi-Hoe” tune, this phrase reminds me of millions of people around the world who go about their business everyday — working their butts out — because they owe. The capitalist way of life has led us to work so we can spend our money to buy things. When all money is spent, we take out a loan or credit so we can spend again. The cycle continues.

What really happens to the things that we spend on? We accumulate them, that is. I have read about a lot of rich misers who have lived almost miserable lives because they wanted to save money. Actually, they wanted to accumulate as much wealth as they could. Period.

My grandparents have accumulated a lot of antiques and tracts of land in Dumaguete. They weren’t really rich or maybe they simple didn’t know they were. Both were teachers who lived on small salaries then, later, pensions. They died well into their eighties but really didn’t enjoy much of their possessions. It even came to a point that people who worked on their land lived off the lands’ produce without giving my grandparents their equitable share.

Is it really worth accumulating wealth and never really getting to enjoy them?

Health is wealth. This is what I believe in more than material benefits. There was a time in my life when money was almost figuratively coming out of my ears. Those years were a-plenty. Those years were also the worst in terms of hospitalizations for my wife and kids. At one point, I prayed for a “deal.” Health for wealth. I got what I asked for. Less money, but no hospitalizations.

So do we really own what we possess? Absolutely not. We can never take anything beyond the grave with us. Nothing at all. This leads me to believe that everything we have on earth is on-loan to us. We are simply stewards. God all owns everything in this world. We can touch them, play with them, share them. Then we leave everything behind when we die. All we take with us is our soul.

Everything we have and do on earth will either feed our soul or destroy it. This includes our nourished relationships and learnings. Everything we possess and accumulate will have a bearing on our souls when we leave this world. If what we get from what we have are heartaches and hate, these are the same things we’ll bear in the next life. If what we get are good feelings, that’s what we’ll bring to our eternal home.

As we are only travelers passing through this life, we’d better accumulate those things that we can truly bring into the next life. By giving away our possessions to the more needy people, we gain love. If we let others feel that we love them, they love us back. If let God feel that we love Him, He loves us back a hundred fold. All this love we can surely bring to foreverland. The rest we leave behind.

We can accumulate and give away money, relationships, and love. I will leave the rest but take love with me.

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