Maghintay – In God’s Perfect Time


Hi just want to ask for advice. Is it okay to be in a state na may umamin sa’yong guy, he’s so vocal sa intentions n’ya and his actions are good. But I clearly said to him na hindi pa ako ready to commit again beacuse I was recently came from a toxic relelationship Mga 5 months na din.

Okay lang po ba yung ganito na gagawin? We both cleared things up na. I said, “let’s nurture the friendship we had and let’s see if God will allow this in the long run.”

I am a Christian and he is not. But good thing was he had a chance to accept and pray the prayer of salvation last Friday. Praying that it’ll continue.



HE SAID: Hi Hettie, Good decision to wait for God’s time. God is perfect, so are His plans. Maghintay. Magdasal. In the meantime, focus on God’s other plans for like your studies or career, ok? In all things, know that God loves you! – Tito Homer

SHE SAID: Hello Hettie. Yes it is absolutely okay to wait and let God unfold His plans for you. Waiting for the right time to meet the right one will definitely bring joy into your life. Keep praying, and God will definitely hear your prayers. God bless 😊 – Tita Jinky


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