The Road I Chose to Take

The Road I Chose to Take

by Elroxie |

When I will be finished writing, everything will come to an end. The memories written should be left tinted in the pages, remembered only when read. Just like any abortion essay that ends with guilty feelings.

That is what I hope so.

Because going back to the memories will make me remember to hope.

At times I like to hope. The sensation of thinking positively is so satisfying. Analyzing things, over analyzing things that maybe all of those efforts you did is a signal that I am important to you.

Your smiles especially, make me feel significant. The pressing of your lips together projecting a perfect curved line sends an indication that it is only directed to me. Purposely delivering it to me that it may bring joy to my day.

The eyes, those big eyes of yours which they thought is the most unpleasant of all but not for me. For when our eyes interlocked I see the most honest soul. Clearly saying that right at that moment you are looking at the woman you want to be with in your lifetime.

Your lips that speaks the sweetest words whenever you mention my name. How I love it when you utter it repeatedly. It is a music to me.

All of you, remembering things about you makes me want to wait again.

And I’m done waiting.

I’m tired of asking myself over and over again if I stand a chance.

And I hate the uncertainty if I’m going to wait for nothing or you as my everything.

Thus, I’m not taking a single step forward not because I am giving up and letting you go but because I am waiting for you to come and give me an assurance that even if the journey poses danger you are there, to guide me, to secure me, to love me in every step along the way.


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