Still Broken

by Amor Altubar | via He Said She Said |

I am denying it but still it haunts me even in my dreams.

How can I be over it when it still tortures me? Everyday brings me a flash back of the pain you’ve caused me. How can I forget when the wound is still here? How can I start healing when it is still aching?

I am still tearing apart. I am still in pain. I am still wondering and asking how could you hurt me that way. I am still scared. I am still crying. I am still confused. I am still struggling. I am still broken!

I love you and for that I chose to forgive you. But no matter how much I try, I cannot and can never forget how you made me feel broken and unwanted.

Because of you we can never be the same again.

Because of you I will be forever in pain.

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