To the Man I Love

To the Man I Love

To the Man I Love,

You came into my life surprisingly, and the day we met I never knew that I would love you. They say when you fell in love, you can do all things that seems impossible to you and yes, because of you I’ve done a lot of impossible things in life. You became my inspiration and strength in everything.

Our first year wasn’t easy because my parent’s didn’t agree on the love that we have, so we see each other secretly. But I can say that those times are really incredible.
I was 15 and you were 16 when we met, and they say “stop that kind of love you are too young for that” but I can’t control my feelings towards you so I fight for our love..

We grow-up together. You are my first love, my first kiss, and my first heartbreak.. For the past 3 years and 9 months, it was really challenging, exciting and amazing. We both experienced our first time together as couple. We agree on things but sometimes we don’t. We fight, we break-up but then you told me that what matters is at the end of the day were still together. Every night you always tells me how much you love me because we are not sure if tomorrow we can say that to each other.

I’d like to say THANK YOU. Thank you for loving me to bits and pieces. Thank you for showing me that not all guys are the same, that when a guy fell in love he can change for the girl he loves.. And yes, you are a bad boy that turns into a good one. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Thank you for respecting me, for sharing your time and story with me. And most of all, thank you for coming into my life and giving me the reason to live and love again.

I am deeply in love with you because of all the things you’ve told me and showed me I believe again in the magic of love..


I’m sorry for pushing you to your limit. I’m sorry for being so hardheaded that you got tired.. I’m sorry for always saying sorry and doing the same thing.. I’m sorry for always hurting you even if what I only wanted was just to love you..
I’m sorry for making all our dreams, now just a dream.. for making all our plans now just a plan.. Sorry for ruining everything. I’m sorry because of me, you gave up on us
I’m so sorry.. I’m very sorry for hurting you when all this time, what you do is love me and always think of me before doing something or making decisions.. Sorry if I only see your wrong doings. Sorry if what I always wanted is more than what you can.. Sorry for always pushing you to do something for me.. I’m sorry for always looking for what I want and didn’t notice what you have given to me..Sorry for always making you feel that you are not enough..

But I wanted you to know that despite my attitude, I never knew that I would love you this much.. I wanted you to know that you are more than enough. That you are perfect to me. That you are really the sweetest, most loving and kind boyfriend, son and brother.. I wanted you to know that you are every girls dream that I wasted.. And I am very sorry..

It breaks my heart when you told me that “it’s over” “we don’t have any chance” “don’t wait” and “I don’t love you anymore” How can I gave up on you when 3 weeks ago, we are madly in love in each other.. when 3 weeks ago we were together in our house cooking our lunch.. How can I believe in you when 3 weeks ago you never let a day passes by without saying “iloveyou Babyy”

I’m sorry for always expecting and now I understand everything.. I’m sorry for always asking for something beyond what you can.. I’m sorry for all the pain I’ve given to you..

Always remember that our memories will live forever, I will wait for you.. Iloveyousomuch and I’m sorry.

-The Woman who loves you Kiara Nicole

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