To The Man I Loved The Most

by Goodbye Girl | | shared on He Said, She Said

To the man I loved the most and to the new girl who got his heart.

Does that “goodbye” mean goodbye forever? 😞

If so, then I wish for your better health, future, career and happiness. ☺ If letting you go will make you happy and if she can make you more delighted, then, I’ll let both of you be.

And to you, who got his heart, please take good care of him as much as I do. I know you’re much way better than me that’s why he chose you over me. But please don’t let him feel alone especially in times that he needs an ear who’ll listen and a shoulder to cry on.

I still love him and thank him for all the memories we’ve shared. I will miss him so much. But rest assured, I won’t bother him anymore.

I hope that both of you will be happy, and that you will continue to love him even more than I do.

~Goodbye Girl

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