Undying Love

Undying Love

by Camelle Osorio Wandale

Rain flowing thru my eyes
Heart’s epistle filled with lies
Mind floating with pain
Upon playing the puzzled game

Torn and hurt is what I felt
Melodic voice runs in knell
Fears covered me at all
I asked for my refuge as my wall

Hopelessly, I bowed and cried
Shouted His name and asked Him why
In that solitary night
My world turned out to be so bright

He brought me in His dwelling place
And everyone greeted me in grace
In that City I found peace
Warmed and made me feel at ease

Lifting me up is what He did
I was then an angel to be with
Sunrise already shown itself
Frowning face disappeared in myself

God is really powerful and great
What He wants is our faith
His love for us is undying
It can’t be measured even miles of travelling

He is the Lord, I tell my confessions
He loves me in spite of my imperfections
He teaches me how to be happy
In simple things no matter how petty.


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