What If?

What If

by Melchie Mae

It was my mistake after all, wasn’t it?
It was I who hurt you.
I was the one who turned my back on you.
I was the one who provoked you to leave me.
It was I who followed what other people said and not what my heart wanted.

It’s been a roller coaster ride of emotions all through out these years since we parted ways. I’ve met someone new and you’ve found the right girl, I couldn’t be any happier for you. But if there will be a chance to go back in our time, will you stay? Will you still choose us?

Tell me, if we were at the right time and the right place, will it change anything?
If I didn’t listen to them, won’t you give up on me?
All these hanging questions that I’ll never be able to ask and answers that I’ll never be able to hear.

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