When a Woman Gives Up

When a Woman Gives Up

by Marjorie Pamittan Sibal, He Said, She Said Philippines |

Too many heartbreaks. Too many issues. Too many unanswered questions. Too many internal conflicts. But never seen a woman gives up.

So to those f*cking guys who are just good at leaving, read this and internalize.

If you are really in love with this woman, show her everyday how it feels to be in loved with a right man. Tell her how lovely she is. Tell her how difficult it is to leave her. Tell her that she is irreplaceable. Tell her that you’re blessed to have her. Complement her and amaze her everyday.

Why? Because she is a woman.

She is a woman who can offer more than what you are entitled for. She is a woman who can defend you to anyone even if you don’t deserve such simply because you deserved to be fight for. She is a woman who commits to you 100% even if you only give her 10% of your love and 1% of your time. She is a woman who believes that no matter how imperfect a man is, this man still deserves to be loved.

She is a woman with a big heart and an undying soul.

I just don’t know why they are always neglected and ignored and played with.

So if a woman gives up, it is because they are consumed and filled with too many issues a man can’t give an exact answer to. They may love this woman but never proved.

When a woman gives up, it is becuase she fought for you many times but you never changed and that sucks.

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