Reasons and Whys

Reasons and Whys

by JC Cuales, He Said, She Said Philippines |

Trying to forget you,
Keeping a path far from you,
But faith is cruel.
It keeps playing with me.

The more I avoid you.
The more our paths cross.
Feels like I’m living in circles.
Always back to square one.

Every time I see you,
My confidence is shaken.
In that moment,
My entire world stops.

I pass the days as I wait for you to reappear.
And wait for the world to stop again.
This is why I stare at you.
When you are around me, the only that exists is you.

When you’re being “masungit”,
I find it really cute.
You’re becoming more attractive.
And I can’t help myself to smile.

Do you know that you have seven smiles.
First, when something really makes you laugh.
Secondly, when talking to your friends.
Third, when you’re smiling out of politeness.

Fourth, when you’re uncomfortable.
Fifth, when you’re being shy.
Sixth, when you’re singing.
Seventh, when you really like someone.

Every smile that leaves your lips,
Especially, those dimples on your upper cheek.
You are more beautiful when you smile.
I want to be the reason behind your smile.

Hoping one day,
You’ll lean on my shoulder.
And your hand fits in mine.
Wishing that were meant to be.
Am I allowed to like you even from a distance.

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