When Time Allows

When Time Allows

When Time Allows by Lucky Viernes Agraan | Everybody has their own destination in life and the journey of life is crucial. We all know that. There are things that hold us back; to discontinue what we are chasing and not be able to reach it– things that constantly hurts us and things that stop us to get there.

Upon preparing ourselves in reaching for everything that we dreamt of, we will encounter few people. The others are doubting our ability to make it through but there are few people who believe that we can. At that moment, we inspire to strive in order to survive.

These are all that we’ve got. Rejection, failure, wrong decision, heartbreak, betrayal, and pain. All of these are training for us to have an inspiration to move forward – preparation. We will gain our strengths to fight for our future, to chase what we have been chasing for.

Sometimes, we are able to build our dreams once we found our purpose in life. We ask ourselves if we will make it. Sometimes, we catch ourselves in reverie, and we realize that it’s just in our minds; painting a world the way we want it, we build our dreams in our hearts that motivates us to dream more as we leisurely take a lot of trials before reaching all of it.

In our journey to get there, it would be an exhausting battle, don’t bow down, always look at the sky where our dreams are written in the stars as a light of our paths.

We’ll learn to comfort ourselves in every single moment when we want to give up. We’ll learn to appreciate the smallest things that we discover and we will have reasons to look back when we already reach our destination.

It is a road less traveled that is filled with hope. The world may be unfair and don’t seem to notice our struggles but we’ll make it through, in time, when God permits.


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