Antay List: Ikaw, ano’ng inaantay mo d’yan?

Nag-aantay ka pa rin ba? Ano’ng petsa na, Bes?
Ganito din ba ang nasa Antay List mo?

Babalik pa ba siya?
Magpaparamdam na ba siya uli?
Magkaka-closure pa ba kami?
Manliligaw na ba siya ng pormal?
Matatauhan na kaya ako?
Titigil na ba akong umasa?

Ikaw, ano’ng inaantay mo d’yan?

It’s not wrong to wait. The question is, if there’s really a reason for you to wait. Many times, we get stuck with our lives and put it on-hold because we feel a person is telling us to wait. Many times, the person didn’t tell you to wait but you simply ASSUMED s/he asked you to wait.

If you are the only one left fighting for a relationship that has already ended, then it’s time to stop waiting. Time waits for no one. Why should you?

Before you know it, everyone else has moved on and you’re the only one who’s hanging on to something you simply assumed.

True love may be around the corner waiting for you, while here you are, waiting for someone who’s not coming back. Sayang naman. Move on na, Bes.

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