Best Gift Ideas for Couples

Best Gift Ideas for Couples

HeSaidSheSaidPH.comBest Gift Ideas for Couples | Whether it’s an engagement party, an anniversary, housewarming or a birthday celebration, buying his-and-her gifts can be a lot of fun and an opportunity to get the couple a separate or a joint present as a thoughtful way of showing your affection and support.

Finding a special and meaningful gift for someone can be a difficult task and sometimes even nerve-racking so hopefully, the following suggestions can help you think outside the box and score an original gift.

Gifts for her and him

There are loads of great presents you can buy for a loving couple that has been together for a while to mark their joint effort invested in their little community. For couples who enjoy cooking together and sharing thoughts over breakfast and coffee in the morning, think about a set of cute mugs or a breakfast sandwich maker. For evenings when they prepare dinners together, customized aprons are an original gift and a decanter for sharing their favourite drinks when it’s time to raise a toast or a set of champagne glasses for future anniversary celebrations.

For couples who like to snuggle together in warm, winter evenings, a great gift can be cosy his and her slippers, a set of matching I love You pillowcases, a yin and yang pyjama sets to balance out their personality differences, and matching bathrobes and hand towels and for adventurers who spend their holidays travelling, minimalist his and her T-shirts and matching passport covers and luggage tags will make their journeys more fun.

Gift ideas for her

Depending on a couple, sometimes it makes more sense to separate the gifts into his hers rather than getting a joint gift. Luckily, the choice for women is vast and gifts can range from little cosmetic trinkets to more expensive jewellery or perfumes.

For instance, handmade spa bath bombs will be appreciated by most women as it insinuates that she’s been working hard and deserves a day off to relieve the stress in a warm, bubbly bath. Relaxing at home usually means slipping into comfy clothes so soft and stretchy leggings are a great gift idea as they can be worn around the house as well as for gym sessions.

Jewellery is rarely a wrong idea and most women love sentimental gifts so you might consider love knots or infinity knots rings as a great way of showing your love. However, if you’ve left your gift shopping for the last minute and you’ve run out of options, gift cards make perfect gifts. You could opt for sending a prepaid Virtual MasterCard that can be used for internet shopping or even over the phone anywhere around the world where MasterCards are accepted so the recipient can jump with joy will all the choices there are! 

Gift ideas for him

Some men also harbour certain feelings towards their wardrobe and if you know they’re big fans of Star Wars or any other franchise, getting them socks, underwear or printed T-shirts is a great way of helping them enjoy their favourite characters in a creative way. Another way to support their love of silver screens icons is by gifting them with a DVD set of their no.1 show or film saga.

Boys will be boys and boys are never tired of their gadgets and toys. A universally favoured gift is a pocket knife that is also a fork, a can opener, a fish scaler, a screwdriver and a whole lot of other things they can use practically anywhere. If your guy loves good photography, Polaroid’s new printer is a great gift that allows him to enjoy beautiful pictures that are not trapped behind a screen.

For guys who prefer spending their free time outdoors and love when their adrenalin spikes, organising an outdoor activity is perfect. It could be something he can do with his friends such as indoor skydiving, rafting or a helicopter flight around the city, but it can also be a family day out kayaking or sailing where you can all enjoy an adventure together. 

It’s always very rewarding to make someone happy with a thoughtful gift and if you’re on the hunt for a perfect gift for couples, hopefully, these ideas will spark your creativity!

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