Bleeding Heart

by Ng Nang | shared on He Said, She Said |

I am in deep yearning for you
Like a wolf that couldn’t wait for the full moon
My heart longs for you every single day
How long do I need to endure this pain?

You consumed my thoughts throughout the day
There’s no passing of day that you wouldn’t cross my mind
My heart never ceased to weep and so is my soul
I miss you so much my dearest.

Am I even in your thought?
Do you even care for me?
…think of me?
…yearn for me?
…wish for me?
Do I even matter to you?
‘Coz I’m so lost in space
I’ve been floating in the cosmos,
I couldn’t hold grip of what I’ve been holding back

I wish to bring the old days
Where there were no awkward moments
Where I could easily tap your back
and give you my sweetest smile
Where I could calmly talk to you for hours.

Would this pain ends?
-I wish it to be sooner
Would my tears dry?
-I wish it had drained
Would my soul not seek for you?
-I wish it to just wander

For this pain I inflicted within myself
Is so deep…
bringing me into your abyss.

Now I don’t know how to get back up
I wish the time walks fast…
so all of these will now pass!

Nang ©072716 All rights reserved

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