I can’t follow my heart

by Shamell Rose Manzano | shared on He Said, She Said |

‘Cause you took it there with you.

Remember when you decided to leave? I lent you my heart ’cause you might lose yours and you might need one. I entrusted you my heart without you asking for it. I know, it was my fault. I know, it was my mistake. I know, it was my whole dang choice to give it to you without any assurance of you taking care of it.

‘Cause I can’t still find its missing pieces.

Remember when you decided to hurt me? I got hurt when you told me you were never enough for the kind of love I was giving you. I felt so much pain when you walked away and ended us just like that. I know, I shouldn’t be hurt. I know, I must be mad at you now. I know, I need to hate you for breaking this fragile thing which I thought is strong enough to endure you.

‘Cause my mind tells a different story.

Remember when I asked you who are you to dictate me who I should love? Well, I was relieved ’cause you voluntarily exit my world. I was quite in awe ’cause you’ll never gonna have the chance to find another me again. Right, I know I should have realized this before. I know, I must not chase anything not worth the race though. Yea, I know you were never really enough and I was meant for someone else, whom I can’t tell who yet, but at least, surprisingly, it wasn’t you.

So, I won’t follow my heart.

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