I fell in love with a stranger

by CBE | shared on He Said, She Said |

We were strangers at first.

We’ve never been friends. I never knew your favorites or what turns you on.

But as I hit the send button and met you in person, I fell in love with you.

You’re smile is contagious. It made the butterflies in my stomach gone wild.

I fell in love with the man who I never really knew. I fell for a man who may never feel the same for me. I guess I just wanted to love a stranger.

It’s been months and still I am still a stranger to you. It pains me a lot. I tried so hard to reveal my true feelings to you. I know you hide with your feelings and there is so much said in the things you don’t say. And I was too hesitant to ask. I wish I had the chance to know.

I wish I had another chance with you. Not just as a lover but maybe a bestfriend, just to be a part of you somehow.

I wish I really had a chance to comfort you and love you unconditionally when you need it most.

I just wish I had your heart.

But for now, I’ll have to say “I love you” and hit the send button not for you to answer back but just to make sure that I mean it more than the last time I told you.

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