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I could still remember the day when I completely lost you. It was an unexpected moment that had left me questioning myself. I even thought moving on was impossible because I couldn’t imagine living a life without the person who had seen my soul and touched my heart like no one else had.

But then, I realized that I should be thankful for this heartbreak.

There was no regret on every tear that I had to wipe away. It made me stronger and realized that it was okay to cry than to keep everything to yourself and continue to get hurt.

I became independent that had thought me to love myself more and more. I had experienced things and gone to different places that I thought were impossible to be faced alone.

I became more appreciative as well of the people around me. They were the ones who had never left my side and had shared their happiness and beauty of life.

Lastly, I learned how to forgive that every time I would replay that painful moment and remember those hurtful words, I would just close my eyes, smile and think of how I was with you. Because, I knew that I have spent most of my time with you being reminded how important I was and being loved without conditions.

That’s why, I am thanking you for all of these especially, for putting an end to “us.”

Because without this heartbreak, I would never experience the other side of my life…yes, a life without you but it’s the life that continues to go on.

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