Hey Romeo!

by Resh Fernandez | shared on He Said, She Said |

Before I enjoyed talking to you.
You’d call me Juliet and I find it great.
You did lead me on that’s why I’d assume ours was forever.
You made me feel like a princess and I’d thought of you as my prince.
You’d speak of sweet lines and everytime I heard it, I was like dying of happiness.
Then I realized there’s no turning back, that I have fallen, fallen in love with you.
Though I do not know about love yet, I know this is true.
Even if you never said your feelings towards me, I gathered my courage to tell you mine.
I thought you would be static of hearing it, but you just laughed at me and felt disgusted.
I wanted the world to swallow me alive, for I made myself a fool in front of many.
You’d keep your distance and treated me like a plague.
I wanted to die. Found myself crying at night.
But I’d face the consequences of my actions and have you out of my system.
Made myself busy to keep my thoughts from drifting away.
I thought I have moved on but hearing you found the one,
I was crushed and my heart was broken that it was beyond repair.
I willed myself to love somebody and be happy.
Till you’ve become a long lost memory of my stupidity.
When things were excellent, you suddenly showed up in front of me.
What are you doing here?
Why did you come back?
Those were my questions when you asked for my hands but I said no to you.
You ruined our relationship and got my heart broken twice because of you.
I hated you so much that’s why I decided to walk away.
Unluckily you found me and begged to love you the way I used to.
I was confused and asked for time before I made it final.
After reminiscing our memories together, I decided.
You are Romeo and I am Juliet, but we are not the ones Shakespeare created.
All we have in common is our love story ends in tragedy.

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