Hinahanap sa iba?

Lagi na lang kitang hinahanap sa iba.
Pilitin ko mang kalimutan ka, tila ang hirap.
How to really move-on, besty?

No one said moving on was easy, especially from someone who has made a mark in your life.
Love’s like that sometimes. But will you get over that person?
In time, you will. The secret is in your attitude.

1) Cut all contact and stay off your’ ex’s FB – you’ll get wind of what’s happening in his/her life. Remind yourself that it’s all in the past. Tapos na yun.

2) Grieve as long as possible – you will go through Denial, Anger, a bit of Depression and a lot of Bargaining. That’s natural. But being with friends and family all the time will cut the grieving process in half. Kaya yan. Do it one day at a time. Baby steps.

3) Don’t look back but make new happy memories – this is the stage where you start getting up. Push back old memories with new happy ones. Travel. Eat out often. Just avoid those old places you used to go to. Marami yun, for sure.

4) Make yourself “First” this time – Instead of telling yourself “Wala ng Tayo,” you can always say “Ako naman!” Don’t imagine your ex with someone else. Instead, imagine yourself doing all the things you couldn’t do before because you had someone. Freedom is a luxury now. Go and enjoy it.

5) Stay happy and ready for “The One” – You can’t find love again if you don’t love yourself, right? So fix up yourself and get ready. It might not be immediate, but that person will come along soon enough and you should be at your best.

Love is not complicated. People are. 🙂 Remember that in all things, life is beautiful and so are you. God bless!

– Tito Homer & Tita Jinky

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