His Answer

his answer

by Ann Marie

He wasn’t perfect. No guy is.

But that’s what I love about him. He didn’t try to act perfect. He showed me every parts of him that I got to know his very own soul.

The problem was, he’s already with someone else. He’s torn between the two of us but I know what the outcome will be: I will be the one to let go and it’s okay. I’m not okay but it will be.

I even asked if I should wait for him but he didn’t answer and left. I’m left with questions, doubts and worries.

But I will not burden him anymore. There’s a reason why I met him and to me he was both a blessing and a lesson. And now I will leave it all to Him. What we had was different and you know it too. If it Is His will for us to be together than it shall be done.

I don’t want to force myself to someone who was never mine in the first place. If you were meant for me then someday we’ll know.

He knows best. I’ve never wanted anyone like I’ve wanted you but it is not in me to decide our fate. I will no longer ask you for assurance and all. He will answer it for you. And whether the answer is to wait or move on, I’ll gladly do it for the love that still remains in me.

I love you, ‘by.’

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