How to find peace

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Caught in a world full of confusion, betrayal and uncertainty? How can you make peace with your past and even with yourself?
We probably wouldn’t have all the answers, but you can start with a few things today. Read on.

He Said: One of my business mottos is: “If you can’t beat them, confuse them.” If I am able to complicate a situation, my competitors will have more obstacles to overcome and find it harder to move forward. In today’s confusing world, it is important to go back to the basics. Start by simplifying all aspects of your life. Begin with your life goals. Find your purpose. Why are you here on earth? What drives you and why? This part will take a lot of prayers, alone time, and personal discovery. This eliminates a lot of things (and people) in your life that you will find out are not important in the accomplishment of your purpose. Focus on the end goal and not the money. Money is a means to achieve your goals, not an end. Know the difference between needs and wants. Needs are priorities than wants (baka luho lang yan). Keep positive in all things and stay away from negative people. You cannot move forward and be happy if there are those who pull you down. If ever you decide the married life, find a partner who compliments you and lifts you up. If you are in a hurtful and abusive relationship, get out. Find someone who loves God and loves others. This person is sure to have so much love in his/her heart. Seek God in everything. In the end, you will discover that your journey is spiritual. That we will all go back to God. This realization will be bring you peace, whatever situation you’re in. Wherever there is God, there is peace. May the good Lord bless you with His abundant love.

She Said: How can you find peace in this very demanding world? For me peace can be achieved by living simply, loving one another even the unlovable, laughing often and staying positive all the time. You might find this hard, but practice makes it perfect. Do it one day at a time until it becomes part of your life.

Love the Lord above all and seek His kingdom. When God is with you who can be against you. Enjoy life for it is beautiful. Wishing you all a peaceful life .

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To do today: Seek God. Find peace.

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