I am busy today

I am busy today

by Margaux Rivera

“I am busy today. Whenever I get time, I’ll message you.”

“Sorry, I’m not in the mood to talk right now. Let’s talk later.”

“I’m mad. I don’t want to say anything that may hurt your feelings. Let’s talk about this once I’m okay.”

COMMUNICATE. If you’re busy, let her know. If you don’t want to talk, say so. If you’re upset because she had done something you didn’t like, open up.

Sometimes, It is not the words that break us. It is the near absence of attention and communication. It’s the deafening sound of silence that can break someone. And I don’t know why other people do not understand this concept.

It is mentally and emotionally exhausting to play the waiting and guessing game. I know you don’t owe anyone an explanation or anything. We are all busy and we have other priorities, but please don’t leave someone stranded just because you don’t feel talking to that person, you’re not in the mood, you’re mad or you are “busy”.

If you slept last night with no weariness, good for you, but I hope you’ll know that there is someone who slept with a heavy heart trying to figure how your day went by, if you arrived safely from work or if she did something that suddenly made you give her that cold shoulder.

We don’t need a bit much of your attention, we only want to hear from you. We only want you to communicate. We hope that isn’t too much to ask.

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